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As a Consultant’s Consultant,
Cornerstone understands:

  1. Consultants serve through our strengths

  2. Nobody can be everything to everyone

  3. Critical infrastructure demands all our best

Working as a Teammate, Cornerstone collaboratively:

  • Teams with subject matter expert consultants to connect you 
    to right-sized opportunities with action-oriented operations

  • Augments and enhances your capabilities to deliver
    impactful scopes that open future phases of opportunity

  • Empowers all stakeholders to leverage their core strengths for higher
    value and lower risk across all facets of our operations

Consultant's Consultant Services and Value:






Strategic Advising

We optimize your corrosion management service offerings to deliver the greatest internal and external value within your goals and constraints.

Risk Assessments

We hone your integrity management deliverables to meet emerging industry needs while minimizing risks for over-extension, quality / compliance, and competition / obsolescence.

Mitigation Strategies

We focus risk mitigation services towards targeted values, closing market gaps and distinguishing your strengths to deepen relationships and diversify growth.

Risk Mitigation Plans

We partner to develop the risk mitigation plans necessary for clients to forecast and fund your portfolios of solutions for shared success paths.

Project Engineering

We catalyze improved services, deliverables, and relationships with existing, prospective, and/or referred clients and project partners.

Continuous Improvement

We inspire programmatic, operational, procedural, technological, training, staffing, and other improvements through our expert networks and benchmarking frameworks*

* Frameworks levarage established best industry practices developed in collaboration with EPRI, AMPP IMPACT PLUS, and INPO, including Qualified IMPACT PLUS Navigator Services.


Power / Industrial  |  Underground piping, tanks, and low-energy piping

Oil / Gas  |  Downhole and production system corrosion management

Water / Wastewater  |  Storm / sanitary collection, water / fire distribution, and tanks

Regulatory  |  Underground piping, tanks, and cooling water systems

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