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Cornerstone Corrosion Consulting



Serve Communities in stewardship through collaboration with generosity.



Sustain Infrastructure through informed, engaged, and empowered communities.



Advance Strategies to realize >1% GDP of corrosion savings.*

* 'Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies in the United States', Report FHWA-RD-01-156

Demonstrated Impacts:

  •  Extended operating margins 3-10 years or more

  •  Reduced program inspection scopes 20-80%

  •  Shrank capital cost projections 50-70% on $1B retrofits

  •  Delivered dynamic, interdependent, and self-supporting Capital / O&M budgets

  •  Coordinated diversified work teams for multi-year, multi-Vendor Projects

  •  Cultivated sustainable talent pools in stewardship of high-consequence infrastructure

  •  Innovated cross-collaborative solutions across asset, operation, and industry boundaries

Technical Focus Areas

Integrity Management Programs

evaluation and optimization, targeting sustainability, stewardship, and value

Risk Mitigation Plans

including contingency planning, bridging strategies, and consequence mitigation

Asset Evaluation Programs

emphasizing risk-based inspection, remaining life projection, and monitoring plans

Corrosion Control Measures

including cathodic protection, chemical treatment, and coatings

Replacement and Mitigation Projects

including alternatives analysis, scoping, and phased implementation plans

Performance Monitoring

via risk evaluations, audits, and value-based metrics

Continuous Improvement

featuring AMPP IMPACT PLUS corrosion management maturity audits and actions          

Industry Advancement

including AMPP Standards, EPRI Communities, and supplier partnering / growth


Genesis of Cornerstone

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