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As the Industry's Advocate,
Cornerstone understands:

  1. Assets operate to benefit the public

  2. Assets may fall victim to competing interests

  3. Stewards elevate integrity and compete elsewhere

Working in the Audience, Cornerstone collaboratively:

  • Cultivates industry guidance, standards, training, and forums to inform
    sustainable operating and regulatory practices across sectors and markets

  • Sponsors, mentors, and cross-trains corrosion, asset integrity, and engineering
    professionals (and vice versa) as a virtue every day in every thing we do

  • Engages leadership, auditors, and policy makers to participate in
    and benefit from committees and innovations for cross-cultural advancements

Industry's Advocate Services and Value:







Strategic Advising

We innovate strategic frameworks to inform industry guidance, research, and technology developments to deliver wholistic integrity solutions.

Risk Assessments

We guide industry communities in enhancing guidance, technologies and practice to target vulnerabilities in sustainable corrosion management design / implementation.

Mitigation Strategies

We facilitate, innovation, healthy competition, and balanced options to address ranges of integrity threats with active committee and supplier relationships.

Risk Mitigation Plans

We catalyze conversations and initiatives within industry groups informing balanced regulations for optimized investments towards impactful risk outcomes.

Project Engineering

We nucleate industry best practices for decision-making, project-planning, and multi-discipline, multi-vendor coordination of asset integrity management initiatives.

Continuous Improvement

We create programmatic, operational, procedural, technological, training, staffing, and other improvements through active engagement in AMPP (NACE/SSPC), EPRI, and other communities of practice.

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