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Why Cornerstone?

  • The cornerstone is the foundation of foundations, the hope for all future integrity.

  • The cornerstone is the origin of every measured value, guiding every builder's actions.

  • The cornerstone is painstakingly chosen and placed in the master builder's plan, guiding all above, all throughout, and all thereafter.

  • The cornerstones is sealed with the mark of the builder, the marks of the buyers, and the date, ultimately testifying of the finished work.

  • Cornerstone sets foundational strategies for sustainable integrity of high-consequence assets and the public they serve.

Why Green?

Green represents Cornerstone's drive towards Stewardship
which encompasses

  • Global environmental responsibility

  • Sustainability to optimize performance and safeguard the public

  • Reinvesting in communities through education, service and mentoring

  • Growing collaborative communities to deliver on these visions

Why Bronze?

  • Bronze mixes copper and tin, becoming the first engineering alloy (pre-3000 BC)

  • Bronze still displays remarkable corrosion resistance, ease of casting / forming and durability

  • Bronze represents Cornerstone's collaborative spirit, combining strengths for leading performance

  • Bronze models Cornerstone's integrity and values, not to be tarnished

  • Bronze medals recognize outstanding performance, inspiring yet greater achievements

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